Hello reader, and welcome to my blog. I’m not quite sure how you stumbled onto these words I’m typing but let me tell you a little bit about what this whole site is about. Yes, first and foremost, it’s a student blog. Yes, I was assigned to set it up, and yes I have been instructed to post on it regularly. Forgoing that I ask of you to please put aside any preconceptions you have about these types of blogs if you’ve stumbled across them before. I’m different, I promise! You see I’m not writing here under duress. I’m not feeling laboured and vengeful. I’ve wanted to write my own blog for quite a while. I guess sometimes you just need that academic kick up the backside to get you going!

My name is Christopher by the way, maybe should’ve started with that. It is rather rude to ramble without introducing yourself first. I’m currently twenty years old. I study English with New Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Limerick where I’m in my penultimate year. I really enjoy just standing back from the goings-on of the world and seeing how our society and culture operates from a macro and micro level. I’m also an alcoholic! Ah no, I’m not that bad, life’s just a big balancing act. Reading is a big pre-occupation of mine though. I actually enjoy Victorian gothic fiction so much that I intend on tackling the work of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (an unjustly underrated Irish gothic writer) for my Final Year Project. I’ll let you know more about him in due course.

As you may have noticed by the very large site banner on top of the page I decided to name this blog “cultrovox”. So why that name? What does it even mean? Cultrovox a combination of the Latin words for culture (cultro) and voice (vox). I want this blog to be my voice on culture and it’s up to you guys to join in the discussion and share your own thoughts, which I would love. What aspects of culture will I lend my voice to? Well I guess the world is my oyster. I see myself looking at literature quite a bit, maybe a smidgin of Irish music, general aspects of university life and personal reflections. I’d also like to throw my two cents into the bucket of opinions on the issues affecting the world today.

I’m glad I’ve managed to keep your interest so long. Have a free internet cookie! Don’t be afraid to come back for more, plenty where that came from!